This site was started by me, Mads Astvad, as a way of collecting thoughts and ressources on paediatric anaesthesia and emergency / critical care for children while training for the Scandinavian 2 year fellowship in paediatric anaesthesia and critical care. Posts have been far between of late and I currently only maintain a collection of relevant link for education and management advice.

If this has any value to others that is merely an added bonus.

This site strongly supports the concept of Free Open Access Meducation, or FOAM.

I am currently more actively involved at scanFOAM.org that I co-founded and develop.



Content on this site represents personal opinions of contributors to the site and are do not represent employers, organizations or other bodies. Any material provided “as is” with no liability to authors contributing to site. You must assume all responsibility and all risk when using such material. Any medical management should not be based on contents from this site.

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