PICU guidelines

For the Scandinavians out there:

The Danish society for anaesthesia and critical care (DASAIM) recently released recommendations on initial management of critically ill children, referral/transferral to PICU and treatment/support in various conditions. They were written by a working group set down in 2012.

They are primarily aimed at the team who unexpectedly find themselves managing such a child. This is oftentimes a daunting task, especially as elective anaesthetic/surgical paediatric management is increasingly centralised resulting in less experience with paediatric management outside paediatric centers.

Any and all feedback is highly appreciated, here or by mail to the authors.

Link to DASAIM

Neonatal anaesthesia – #SSAI


I’m 1 of 27 anaesthetists currently doing a 2 year Scandinavian fellowship in paediatric anaesthesia and intensive care.
We’ve recently concluded a 4 day programme on neonatal anaesthesia in Trondheim, Norway.

If you’re curious check out #SSAI on twitter for highlights from this session. Next up is a 5 day PICU session in Gothenburg, Sweden, in October.

I believe there’s room for much more in the way of paediatric anaesthesia and PICU #FOAM out there, so stay tuned.